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The farm
Danona Farm is located at a unique spot: surrounded by mountains and with a cool climate all year round. The ideal place to produce eggs.
‘We do things the way we would like things to be done for us’ – Mª Ángeles Intxausti, Danona Farm.
Our hens live in clean conditions at a controlled temperature and with a suitable amount of light.
Our hens are fed on feed that we produce ourselves. Quality feed that produces quality eggs.
Danona Farm has produced and sold eggs for more than 50 years.
Danona Farm is one of the pioneering poultry farms that has obtained the IFS Food Higher Level quality certificate in recognition of the production process it employs and the technology it applies.
Danona Farm has been awarded the Navarra Quality Seal of Excellence, which acknowledges the exceptional characteristics of its eggs.
Our product policy is based on quality and customer satisfaction.
We will be delighted to show you the farm.

· By telephone: (+34) 948 460 233
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* All the photographs on this website are of eggs and hens belonging to the farm.